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JailBreak: The Making & Breaking of Our Invisible Prisons

My years as a university professor gave me access to the science. My passion for practical application means I can translate that science into real time guidance for you. I can guide you on your journey to choosing the life you want. I do this by helping you recognize how you got stuck. I help you understand how your brain keeps you imprisoned.  I give you the tools you need to orchestrate a proper jailbreak. I teach you how to stay out.

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Book Excerpt:  

When it comes to orchestrating good jailbreak, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to understand how and why the jail was built in the first place. Why what was of value needed to be hidden. You’ll learn how we end up keeping ourselves stuck despite our best efforts.  You will learn why you had to go through the jail. You’ll understand why it’s inevitable. This knowing reveals the blueprint to the path out. Second, you’ll learn the tools you will need for this journey, the practices that guide us to our freedom. You’ll do the practices. You’ll participate in the excavation—finding that key you put away for safekeeping, but then forgot about.  It takes time to reveal the freedom. But, because you know it is just outside the wall, you keep digging…


Read this book if you...

are feeling trapped

are longing for liberation

want the blueprint for a proper escape

want the tools to stay free

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