Angela J. Huebner, Ph.D., LMFT, PC

Combining the art of compassionate therapy with the science of change to help you break free from the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that keep you stuck.

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Therapy with Angela

I believe that when we are out of alignment with ourselves or with our partners, our system (body, mind, spirit) lets us know. Sometimes our system uses the language of depression. Sometimes worry and anxiety. Sometimes anger or sadness. Sometimes aches and pains.

Sometimes, however, our behaviors, beliefs and symptoms no longer serve us. I work to help you realign to a way of being that works in current time. I help you get unstuck.



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It’s surprisingly difficult to find a therapist who can manage empathy, insight, connection, structure and science in one session, but Angela Huebner does all this and more. She pushes you to explore your truths in a safe, if still challenging, environment.

We both feel equally at ease with her and trust her completely. Her steady, positive guidance has helped us recognize opportunities for enhanced communications and connection as a couple.

Her visual analogies are incredibly helpful in framing problems and become coping mechanisms that stick long after we have left the office. Importantly, she seems to work with the aim of putting herself out of business – giving us the tools and strategies to go forth without her.
— Mark & Ruth

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

When it comes to the topic of self and relational development, I am a seasoned motivational speaker and educator. I am skilled at translating empirical research findings into practical applications for living.  I make it both interesting and fun.



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Angela is a gifted and engaging presenter. I’d take any opportunity to hear her talk. In addition to her sophisticated understanding of her subject matter, she brings energy, a sense of humor, a generous heart, and a willingness to engage her audience that make her workshops wonderful experiences. She is excellent at taking specialized ideas, making them accessible, and connecting them to the real lives of her audience. I always learn something from Angela’s presentations! Go see her!
— Workshop Attendee


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Angela facilitated our Colorado Women’s Retreat for two days this fall. Her presentation, “Jailbreak: The Making and Breaking of our Invisible Prisons” was the most amazing and fun learning experience we’ve ever had.

Angela combines her intelligence and love of research with her warm and humorous style of teaching most effectively. She has that rare ability to present complex material in a most engaging way that makes it fun to learn.

With her many years of experience as a University professor, researcher and clinical therapist, Angela has the depth and knowledge necessary to integrate a wide scope of theoretical information that we can use to enrich and improve our everyday lives. I cannot recommend Angela’s work highly enough.
— Workshop Attendee on Jailbreak