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I went to Angela on the recommendation of some of her colleagues for assistance on a specific behavioral issue that was troubling me. I received what I was seeking, but I also quickly found that she was helpful on a broad array of subjects. She listened carefully, supplying gentle guidance and insight with consistent good cheer and compassion.  I found her able to deploy subtle wisdom or hard science as the situation (or I) required.  Her skills and professionalism, anchored in a very human sense of kindness, helped me find the inner resources to manage and resolve the issues that confronted me.

TherapyJenny Johnson

When you have been battling depression for over 40 years, it’s very easy to feel that there will never be any relief.  I had worked with numerous therapists over the years with limited success, but still clung to the hope that I could find a way out of depression.  When I met Angela, I found someone who helped me believe that not only could I survive my years of depression, but actually thrive. By asking probing questions, allowing me time to really dive into my thoughts to discover my own answers and gently prodding me to probe deeper, she provided a safe place for me to grieve for all the years I lost to depression and was my faithful cheerleader as I worked to overcome traumatic events and years of low self-esteem.

She has continued to help me examine, question, then reframe my negative thoughts and work on seeing the positives in my life.   With her understanding, insights, and guidance I have finally been able to realize that I have the power to change my life. I definitely believe that “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.  Angela was the exact teacher I needed.

TherapyJenny Johnson
Kerry and Nick

Nick and my relationship had been on the decline for some time. Neither of us were enjoying the company of the other and when the arguing and tension became too much, we sought out help. Dr. Huebner proved to be a god-send. She equipped us with tools and strategies needed to communicate and express our concerns in a respectful and kind way. We never felt that she took a side and both felt equal amounts of support and encouragement. This was not a quick-fix as we still use these tools today and are happier than ever. Dr. Huebner saved our marriage!

TherapyJenny Johnson